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At long last, the website is updated!

On January 10th, 2003, while performing high-speed taxi tests in gusty conditions, combined with "nose bounces" to test control responsiveness, the Atlantica prototype became airborne when a bounce coincided with a substantial down-the-runway gust.  The power was immediately chopped, but the aircraft quickly climbed to near 100 feet AGL, when the gust died.

Lacking airspeed and power, the Atlantica nosed over and began to drop as the pilot applied full power to regain control of the descent.  The Atlantica began to recover but impacted the runway at about 20-30 degrees nose down (analysis based on damage patterns) and began to skid along the runway.

The ballistic chute switch was activated by the impact, causing the chute to fire and inflate, and the winds and gusts stopped the forward slide of the Atlantica and dragged it about 200 feet backwards and off the side of the runway.

The pilot suffered only minor injuries.  The fixed landing gear were sheared off by the impact, both wings suffering cracks and damage from the gear being sheared off.  The main body suffered minor damage, mostly due to impact with the collapsing front gear, and abrasions from the slide along the runway.

Lack of funds has kept progress at a very slow burn since the accident, but new pictures have been added showing the aftermath and rebuilding, together with some analysis and explanation of what the pictures show.

Aftermath and Rebuilding, NTSB Report and Conclusions

Polyester Mock up                                                          Epoxy-Carbon Prototype Pictures



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 Fan Jet Concept


The Atlantica design allows for future adaptation to a fan jet propulsion system. Interested in a development partnership for the Jet?  Click Here

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