Rebuilding....        S   L   O   W   L   Y   !   !   !
Bondo....James Bondo....  (505Kb) Bottom damage (521Kb) Deep gouge from bolt and nut (396Kb)
Front Gear Attachment Point closeup (464Kb) Bottom with nose-gear prints (440Kb) Probable gouge source (398Kb)
Filling and Repairing (202Kb) Filling and Repairing (500Kb) James Bondo leaves a calling card....  (475Kb)
Repaired instrument panel  (249Kb) Repaired Engine Mount (231Kb) Cleanliness is next to Atlanticus....  (216Kb)
The long and the short of it....  (82Kb) Prepping the pitot-static source (505Kb) More prepping, closer view (496Kb)