Aftermath and damage analysis
On the Wagon-Left (555Kb) On The Wagon-Right (500Kb) Left Side (500Kb)
Chute Bags and Cables-Right (560Kb) Inverted with Shattered Prop (486Kb) Right Wing with Chute-cable tracks (73Kb)
Mains and Bottom Nose Cone Engine-Left (645Kb) Cockpit through front windscreen (490Kb)
Cockpit with flash (473Kb) Chute bags-Left (551Kb) Recliner? (568Kb)
Engine Runout (569Kb) What happens whan an Atlantica sits on a Main....  (583Kb) Engine Removed (654Kb)
Checking the Engine (571Kb) Checking the Engine #2 (530Kb) Checking the Engine #3 (606Kb)
New Nose Cone